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10 July 2009 @ 09:32 pm
Wow, I never post in here anymore. I am thinking about deleting it. Except that it is more difficult to delete this journal because it's online. A regular diary is much easier to abandon, because you can simply stop writing in it, but give it a place on your bookshelf or in your closet and still have access to it every once and awhile. I don't think I can delete this, guilt or anxiety free, until I have a hardcopy of it... And how much do I really want to print this entire thing out? Not much.

Oh, nostalgia, how you chain me. To... LiveJournal. Sigh.

Now that I've bothered to write this entry at all, I suppose I should say something in the form of an update. There is so much to tell, however, that I cannot think what I should include. Solution? Random-ness!


- James has the most impressive/dorkiest farmer's tan this summer.

- As I do not work outdoors, and spend most of my time in a bakery or in a classroom, my tan is less impressive/existent except on my feet. I have tan lines from my sequined shoes: my toes are strikingly white but the tops of my feet are brown.

- I'm working on a novel.

- I'm also working on a poetry manuscript.

- I'm also working on a painting series.

- Unfortunately, I'm also taking summer class and have no time to do much of anything else.

- I recently made a daytrip to Vancouver with James, where I went to Science World for the first time since I was approximately seven years old or something, and where we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery and I finally got to see Emily Carr originals.

- The Victoria Butterfly Gardens are awesome. A giant blue butterfly lit on my hand.

- I got my period a few days ago and was a hormonal mess, but talking on the phone to my mom later in the evening made me feel way better about everything.

- I miss Darrell!

- I eat a lot of bread.

- According to an info sheet on the back of a bathroom stall in Science World, your bladder can hold up to 300mL of pee.

- I'm doing my Honours thesis on sonnets. I love sonnets. (I hope that by the end of my thesis, I still love sonnets.)

- Recently I've been playing a Gamecube game called Super Mario Sunshine. It's super fun. I don't let James play it. I hog the TV.

- I make my bed every day when I get up. Every day.

- Today I escorted a Australian couple from the bus stop to Willows Beach.

- Tomorrow I start work at 7am and I am going to sleep now!
05 December 2008 @ 09:28 am
Rawr! I am a busy girl!
06 May 2008 @ 10:18 pm
Having a fine time in my hometown.
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Seriously, I am absolutely blessed.

Sometimes I still get struck with how many reasons I have to be happy.
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18 September 2007 @ 08:37 pm
Today felt good to me. My days have been feeling very good to me, in general.

A sonnet.


“Ever have an older lover say: God”
by Julia Alvarez

Ever have an older lover say: God!
I once thought I used to love so and so
so much, but now that I love you, I know
that wasn’t love. Even though it feels good
at our age to be flattered with being
the first woman a man has ever loved,
it burns my blood thinking of those I loved
with my whole soul (small as it was back then)
quibble if what they felt for me was love
now that they’ve had a taste of the real stuff.
I say, Don’t trust those men with better,
bigger versions of love if they refuse
the small, shabby sample they gave others
the tribute of believing it was true.


I've felt grand, grand things before.

This is somehow different.
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At this point if I were to try and write an update of my life and what's been happening lately, I don't know that I could make it at all easy to follow.

So. I'm doing absolutely fantastic, I'm incredibly happy, and I hope you all are, too.
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10 June 2007 @ 01:43 pm
Last night I showed my mom the sonnet that I wrote this year.
i promise to sleep
on one side of the bed
for the rest of my life

- from Sherwin Tjia's book of pseudohaikus, The World is a Heartbreaker
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02 January 2007 @ 12:54 pm
I've already been awake for seven hours.

But I am back in sunny, sunny Victoria (read: rain). Yay!
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Inventory really was as much fun as I thought it would be (read: not fun at all).


I'm excited about school.


I don't have anything else to report, really, except that tomorrow is my day off. And the first day I will have had to myself in at least two weeks. I'm looking forward to some well-deserved me-time.


I need to write.
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